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Friday night Sabrina and I went to a uni party that was themed “the white party.” Some people were not in white which was not okay! Too many people but I met a guy who was repping Tri D (of course) and he was stoked that I was a Tri Delt - he was from South Carolina. And small world…I met a guy who is from Newport Beach but goes to USD - didn’t get his number but it was awesome. I also stayed out until 630 with Sabrina and Nick at a bar called Cheers.

But TODAY, I went to the Wildlife Park where I got to see Kangaroos and Koalas among other animals like snakes, lizards, crocodillys (thank you Snookie), birds and others.

I also went to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It was amazing and beautiful. I got to go in the Opera House - well not all the way in, there was a matinee (spelling?) when I went in with Ashley.

We also went to Luna Park which was awesome! Definitely going back to take pictures. I only went on the ferris wheel too - $10 for 1 ride, wtf?

No I’m back at my apartment, dead tired and NOT wanting to go to school. It’s “week 3” here and the work has begun. FML.

I don’t want to do homework while I’m here!

Stay Tuned.

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My Birthday!

First things, got my favorite drink here… a Pearl Milk Tea…but they didn’t have the pearls :(

Also, when I was standing in line, I cracked my neck and REALLY hurt it (it still hurts).

Then my train was late.

Went to pole class.

Came back and walked around Market City where I treated myself to come new things :)

Got ready and went to Mardi Gras.

Now, I HATE large crowds and this was no exception.  I did not like it.

However, Angela, Sabrina and the girls treated me to a Japanese meal. They are too nice.

Then we walked around the streets for a little…saw some GORGEOUS drag queens - met some characters, and then went home.

Great birthday!

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Subski Party

Failed. Sabrina didn’t bring her passport (her only form of ID) for good reasons and the bouncers wouldn’t let her in because she looked younger than 25.  Now she is 25 and doesn’t look younger than 18 so whatever.  Instead we went on an adventure.

We stopped at a Strikes on the wharf were we got a beer.

Then walked down the wharf to Tokio Bar where we proceeded to meet characters.  We started talking to some guys (1 was passed out) and the others refused to believe that I was from California. WTF?! One guy asked me to dance. I politely declined his request - he was a creep.

Then we started to walk back home and stopped at another bar. Got a beer. Meet more characters.  Apparently all husbands had a free night off from their wives and proceeded to creep all over me and Sabrina.  One guy who was from Mexico but grew up in California was chatting us up like we’ve known him for years.  I took all this in good faith but to the point, creep.

Sabrina and I ventured upstairs where there was a dance floor.  We did our thing for 10 minutes and then went to the bar.  Got a beer. Some REALLY cute guys strolled in and 15 minutes later strolled out…HOWEVER, one of them stayed behind and started to talk to me. Super hot, from Flordia, not Jewish and has been in Australia for 6.5 years working - don’t know for what. We talked for 20 - 30 minutes? When he was about to leave he was like “so, I think we hit it off” (smile) and I was like “yes, it was really good to meet and talk to you” (smile). HE DIDN’T ASK FOR MY NUMBER! Even Sabrina was surprised and deemed him gay - obviously.  I may just pop in there next Thursday to see what happens.

All in all, tonight was a success.

Mardi Gras/my birthday is on Saturday. Fuck yes!

Classes are over for the week.  They are good.  Taking 4 classes is stressing me out but I got to deal.


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Week 1

School has begun.

My classes (so far) seem awesome.  My history teacher is American (score!). My education 4052 class only meets for 6 weeks and we get to go on field trips (score!). My other education class usually meets from 3 - 6 but she said we would never actually go that late because we have to go do field work (meh…that kind of sucks, but whatever). And tomorrow I go to my photography class.

Saturday, March 5th (the best day of the year - my birthday), is Mardi Gras and I’m finally 21!!! Oh wait, I can already drink.

Life’s amazing but pretty boring. The weather today was perfect - shorts and a t-shirt but no rain and I wasn’t dying walking to and from class (its a 20 minute walk BOTH ways).

I am uploading new pictures to facebook.

Booking a trip to the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow.


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End of Feb…

Saturday night I went out with Sabrina and Angela (pole teacher) to Kings Cross at The Club. The atmosphere was awesome but really bad music. And I feel kind of weird going out because I A. can and B. there are children there that are 18 and I can’t tell who is 18 and who is my age.

Sunday I did nothing and it was glorious.

Monday I went to the gym on campus and then walked on George Street and found a super cute store called Supre. Think Forever 21.

Tomorrow, Tuesday I have classes!!! I have my history class and 1 of my education classes. I am also signed up for a pole class tomorrow at 8 pm. (I am also VERY excited that tomorrow is Greek Awards and we get to find out all of those plus who won Greek Week and who is in the lead in points of Songfest!)

5 days until in 21!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned.

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O-week, cont.

Went to campus for a free BBQ and got the ugliest and most retarded tan ever.

Signed up for more pole dancing classes - video to be released soon.

Tomorrow, I am meeting up with Ashley and Liz (from Denmark) and we are going to the sky tower and the sydney wildlife world.

And I’m hoping/planning to go to Fiji, the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand while I’m here, woo!!

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O - week, cont.

Today I signed up for some societies (clubs):

Gymnastics/cheerleading club, The Chocolate Society and the Brewsical society (which is a beer brewing and musical appreciation society)

Tomorrow I am heading to the beach with Ashley, our new friend Liz from Denmark and a guy from Canada.

Stay tuned!

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Start of O - week

O - week = Welcome week.

It was awesome.  Sydney Uni has 200+ clubs.

Today, I also got to rearrange my schedule.  It is as follows (so far):

Eduh 4052: Learning in Outdoor Education

Edec 1001: Early childhood settings and communities

Awss 2023: Photography 1

…and I want to add..

Edbt 5560: Early childhood protective environments

So pretty much this semester will be tons of fun because my classes all fall inbetween Tu, W and Th and because 1 of them gets to be P/NP. Woohoo for not having to fulfill any requirements!

Also, they have 13 weeks of class, 1 week of “studying,” and 2 weeks of finals - WTF? Can we have that, seriously!?

Later I’m going out to dinner with Ashley :)

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Later that night…

… I took my first pole dancing class with Sabrina! It was awesome. Angela, the teacher, is very good and to my own surprise, I have some (but, very little) strength. I’m going again. Get ready for my new amazing talent :)

And now, I’m home. I went to grab some food from the fridge when a NEW roommate from JAPAN introduced herself. Oh wait, no she didn’t, because she doesn’t know English at ALL. She was able to decipher “hello” and “morning” from the 45 second encounter. Awesome. How do you come to an English speaking continent (yes, with a heavily Asain influence) and not speak the language? How do you go to school like that? I would ask her but I couldn’t get a response!

O - week tomorow which should be good to see all the Uni kids :)

Maybe (hopefully) I’ll find a cute guy/guys?


So, yes, it’s dissapointing that I won’t be able to be inducted into the 21 club with the timeless Vegas experience.  However, I found out that 5 March 2011 is Mardi Gras in Sydney/Australia which is just a huge fucking parade for gay pride.  Better then Vegas? I think so!

The pictures should be epic.

Stay tuned for this story FOR SURE.

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Day 2 of Orientation!

Day 2 of orientation was, again, useless.

I have to go to campus tomorrow to fix my schedule - which is fine - but I thought that was what I would be doing today.

The weather has been bipolar - kind of my like friendship with Zack - hot/cold & on/off. Whatever, it keeps me on my toes. (Love you Zack :) )

Tomorrow starts O - week which will be exciting.

Oh, and tonight I am taking a POLE DANCING CLASS with Sabrina.


I got 7 bug bites - FML. 

Pictures have been updated on Facebook.

Stay Tuned.